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A total desktop package increases office productivity and business efficiency

Enhance business resources with an enterprise-wide IP fax solution
that combines the benefits of email to fax and fax to email services.
With AMTeck's document archiving, faxes previously sent and received can be accessed and stored for future reference.

Sending and receiving documents over the AMTeck global IP network
offers substantial advantages to expand your network without expanding your budget. There is no additional hardware and software to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade. Scalability is a snap, with virtually unlimited fax capacity and automatic bandwidth on demand. Other value factors include 24/7 system support, a completely multi-redundant network for enhanced security and reliability, and continual technology upgrades.

Production fax automates high-volume delivery of business documents

The AMTeck production fax web service improves business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications by enabling companies to automate their high-volume, document-based internal business processes, such as delivery of invoices, requests, shipping confirmations, purchase orders and other documents. Costs are significantly reduced from departments such as purchasing, finance, inventory management, sales and distribution, and human resources, which are an integral part of business operations, and amount to a large volume of faxing.

AMTeck production fax is a low-investment alternative to installing new equipment, upgrading present systems with additional hardware or developing new delivery solutions in-house. This customized solution can be quickly implemented and offers substantial efficiencies to your current IT investments managed in-house.

Here's how it works:

AMTeck's production fax solution establishes a connection between your IT environment and the AMTeck global IP network, leveraging your existing IT infrastructure and adding increased efficiency. Data can be instantly received from your legacy application, or data can be merged onto our system. The data is reformatted and overlayed onto electronic documents and then dispatched by fax over the AMTeck IP network.

This seamless solution provides a fully redundant and immediate method for delivering your business documents. Delivery confirmations are then sent to the application server or an email recipient, and account activity can be managed and viewed online at any time. The cost savings of implementing a production fax solution based on your existing IT investment is what provides our clients with a competitive edge in today's business market.

The Benefits of Production Fax

• Utilize your existing IT investment to increase return on investment
• Automates procedures -- eliminate printing and manual mailing/faxing of documents
• Access a secure, reliable IP fax network with virtually unlimited scalability and capacity
• Increase productivity and response time through speed and efficiency of delivery
• Reduce expenses associated with fax hardware, software, maintenance, support and printing/mailing
• AMTeck network availability and support is provided 24/7 to ensure documents are successfully transmitted
• Minimize the need for development and IT administration
• Secure document archiving to access and store previously sent and received documents
• Customized web service is tailored to your company's specific needs and requirements

Business Benefits

• Utilize your existing IT investment and resources
• Easy deployment and implementation for multiple locations and platforms
• Multi-redundant system provides confidence that faxes will be delivered
• Eliminates the need for multiple fax servers, software and phone lines
• Limitless capacity without the cost and installation of software and hardware
• Manage fax and email message communications from existing desktop email application
• Better use of human resources and productivity by eliminating manual fax procedures
• In-bound service provides confidentiality of documents and a never busy fax number
• AMTeck Account Management Center provides real-time monitoring and reporting for both administration and users to view fax traffic online

End User Benefits

Sending a Fax: out-bound
• Attach multiple documents to a single fax transmission
• Eliminate printing documents and the hassles of manual fax procedures
• Send faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously in just minutes
• Keep an electronic record of all fax communications on your hard drive or in your email client

Receiving a Fax: in-bound

• Users are provided an individual in-bound fax number for direct delivery
• Receive multiple faxes simultaneously -- in-bound line is never busy
• In-bound fax documents can be deleted, printed, forwarded or
stored electronically on a hard drive or in your existing email client such as Outlook
• Eliminates manual scanning of documents for electronic storage
• Access and retrieve faxes anytime, anywhere email is accessible.

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